Budget ignores climate change despite rising pollution: Bandt

Budget ignores climate change despite rising pollution: Bandt

Greens climate change and energy spokesperson Adam Bandt MP said that despite the impending climate catastrophe, the budget ignores climate change and rising pollution. Instead of increasing funding for climate change, it cut funding.

“This is another budget from the Treasurer that basically encourages climate change,” said Mr Bandt.

“Scott Morrison didn’t mention climate change in his speech and only brought up renewable energy to attack it.

“This budget maintains our appallingly low pollution target and contains no plan to reach even those paltry pollution cuts.

“The fossil fuel lobby are licking their lips at this budget. Now they’ve got another year to pollute freely and without consequence.

“Instead of a real policy, we’re still stuck with the spectre of Tony Abbott’s figleaf climate policy, the Emissions Reduction Fund.”

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