Greens, Labor & Lambie to push joint penalty rates bill: Bandt

Greens, Labor & Lambie to push joint penalty rates bill: Bandt

A joint bill to protect penalty rates will be progressed through the Senate this fortnight after Labor and Senator Lambie joined the Greens to back a single piece of legislation, said Greens employment spokesperson Adam Bandt, putting pressure on the rest of the Senate crossbench to declare their position.

“After leading the charge to protect penalty rates in law, the Greens have reached agreement with the Labor Party and Senator Lambie on a bill that will stop the Fair Work Commission’s decision from coming into effect,” said Mr. Bandt.

"Now it's time for Nick Xenophon, Pauline Hanson and Derryn Hinch to decide whether they stand for protecting wages or cutting them.

"If the conservative crossbenchers have the guts to vote with us, this bill could pass the Senate this week and the government would be under huge pressure to pass it through the House before the cuts come into effect.

“Nick Xenophon, Pauline Hanson and Derryn Hinch have the chance to show they are more than Liberal stooges who talk big in their home states about standing up for the little person but vote with the government in Canberra. We’ll be working hard this fortnight to get these crossbenchers to vote to protect some of the lowest paid workers in the country.”

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