The Greens stand for making our environment protection laws stronger, not weaker. The Greens stand for protecting what we love about Australia, and the sustainable jobs that depend on a healthy environment, now and into the future.

National Parks

Despite their name, National Parks are not protected by national laws. This means that they are vulnerable to moves by State governments to allow shooting, logging, grazing and development inside park boundaries. The Greens want National Parks protected by national laws.

Great Barrier Reef in peril

The Great Barrier Reef is a World Heritage icon and a national treasure. But it’s under threat like never before: 50% of its coral cover has disappeared in the past 27 years and it is now threatened by climate change, pollution, and proposals for new and expanded coal and gas ports, requiring mass dredging to accommodate large ships. Adam and the Greens have a plan to protect the Reef.

Stronger national environment laws

Labor and the Coalition are ganging-up to make our national environment laws weaker. We will work to prevent the handover of environment protections to State governments.

Animal justice

How we treat animals is a key indicator of a caring society. Adam has introduced legislation to end live exports and will continue to pursue this in the next Parliament.

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