They Will Not Divide Us Day of Action

Stop Labor and Liberal attacks on African-Australian young people

With an election around the corner, politicians like Peter Dutton are cynically targeting African-Australians with a racist fear campaign to try and divide our community. 

Crime in Victoria has been falling for a decade. Don't be fooled - the Liberals’ racialised fear campaign is all about politics and votes, not about community safety. 

Meanwhile, instead of standing up to the Liberals’ racist dog-whistling, the Victorian Labor Government is joining the law-and-order bidding war by introducing new anti-association laws targeted at people as young as 14.

While the old parties try to divide us, Melburnians must stand together to stop Labor and Liberal attacks on African-Australian young people. 

Join us for our doorknock on August 25 to show the old parties that they will not divide us. By having powerful conversations with our local communities we can send a strong message in support of our vibrant and diverse community and build our campaign. 

Will you join us doorknocking at an event near you? 

North Melbourne Richmond North
Carlton North Fitzroy North

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